About Kerr Lake

Our lake was built in 1954 as a project to control problems with flooding in the lower Roanoke River basin, in eastern North Carolina. The project was spearheaded by a N. C. Senator, John H. Kerr, hence the name John H. Kerr Reservoir. The other name, common in Virginia, "Buggs Island Lake", comes from the days when the dam was being built on the Roanoke River. Just below the dam, there is a large island in the river called Buggs Island. The local folks called the project the Buggs Island dam, which evolved into "Buggs Island Lake".

 What we have here is 50,000 acres of water, with over 800 miles of shoreline. Only about 30% of the shoreline will ever be developed, which means the lake is never crowded, even on Holiday weekends. There is always an area that you can have to yourself for skiing, swimming, or just hanging out on the shoreline.

The fishing here is also fantastic! We have a large population of Largemouth Bass, and host a lot of bass tournaments. There is also lots of landlocked Striped Bass, lots of Crappie, and don't forget the Catfish, in fact, Kerr Lake produced the World Record Blue Catfish, 143 lbs!!

All the website pictures were taken at Kerr Lake by me, or friends.